As in the real world, goods and services can also be offered on the Internet. In addition to a large number of technical possibilities for the realization of an e-shop, it is also important that you also make the right strategic decisions to lead the store to success in the long term. The right selection of products that can be sold electronically play exactly the same way as customer acquisition and customer loyalty to the company plays a central role in electronic sales.

However, before getting involved with the introduction of an e-shop, a company should ask the following questions:

  • What are the advantages of electronic sales for my company?
  • Which system solutions are suitable for my company? 
  • How do the processes in electronic sales change compared to real sales?
  • What marketing strategies can I use to increase my sales?

We will show you the possibilities for the successful introduction of an e-shop and how they gain new customers through marketing strategies as well as bind customers to their company and consult in the following areas:

  • Relevant system requirements for electronic sales
  • Selection of system solutions and operator models
  • Process design for electronic sales
  • Basic product, – demand, – strategy analysis
  • Marketing in electronic sales
  • Customer acquisition and customer evaluation
  • Strategies for customer loyalty
  • Project planning and project implementation in electronic sales