The basic idea of ​​electronic marketplaces is that marketplace operators act as a link between buyers and suppliers of goods or services. The marketplace operator provides the platform and ensures that the flow of a trade works smoothly. The construction of an electronic marketplace is linked to various framework conditions and problem aspects that need to be overcome. Here too, various models and strategies are available to successfully operate an e-volume.

We advise you in the field of e-volume and answer questions such as:

  • What are the advantages of e-commerce for my company?
  • Which system solutions are suitable for my company?
  • How do the processes in the electronic trade change compared to the real trade?
  • How do I get enough demanders and providers on my marketplace?

Identify the prerequisites for electronic marketplaces and how to deal with problem areas when establishing and operating an electronic trade.

You can expect the following consulting services:

  • System consultation required for electronic trading
  • Selection of system solutions and models
  • Possibilities for process design in electronic commerce
  • Management in electronic commerce
  • Product, – customer, – strategy analysis
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Problem Aspects
  • Marketing in electronic commerce
  • Generation of critical mass
  • Project planning and project implementation in electronic commerce