“E-procurement” allows the electronic purchasing of products via networks. Through the integration of innovative information and communication technologies, the operative, tactical and strategic tasks are handled in the procurement area or supported. This is first and foremost to reduce it procurement costs and procurement efforts of the real sourcing. Here, a number of options and strategies available to implement an E-procurement system are raising.

But imagine the company with the introduction of E-procurement solutions questions

  • What are the benefits by electronic shopping?
    Which products can be obtained electronically about what strategy?
    Which system solutions are to the E-procurement and which is suitable for my company?
    How to change the processes in the electronic shopping over the real shopping?
    How do I implement systems E-procurement in my company to?

We support these questions to answer you and accompany you from the conception until the introduction of E-procurement in your company.

  • Electronic purchasing systems consultingStrategy consulting
    Process design in the electronic shopping
    Product analysis
    Supplier relationship
    Project implementation