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Set 1 – Super Game Pi

price: 149 EUR

You’ve seen PiGRRL, Super Game Pi, PiGRRL Pocket, PiGRRL 2 and now… it’s time for PiGRRL Zero!

In this project, we’ll turn the elusive $5 Raspberry Pi Zero into portable game console!

Features -Retropie 3.7 Emulation Station: SNES, NES, SEGA, N64, and many many more! -14 Buttons, including D-Pad, L & R shoulder, Start/Select, A, B, X, Y and two extras. -2.2″ Adafruit PiTFT 320×240 Color Display -Landscape portable console format

The USB female jack allows you to add any peripherals to the Raspberry Pi Zero, such as a WiFi or Bluetooth adapter, USB keyboard or mouse, USB Audio Adapter or USB Hub.